TVR Auto Electrics

At RT Racing our electrical specialist is able to deal with all eventualities regarding your auto electrics; from a custom loom to a new fuse box we do it in house and we do it right.

Auto Electric Diagnostics

Any TVR can suffer the odd frustrating electrical problem and here at RT Racing we have over twenty years experience in tracing and fixing electrical issues and we are able to repair ECU units in many cases, not just replace them. So if your electrics need attention give us a call and talk to someone who knows about your TVR.

Thatcham approved installer

Here at RT Racing we have our own in house approved Thatcham alarm installer and we are able to either repair or replace your existing alarm immobiliser unit. We can offer you a range of options from automatic window closure to remote door and boot opening along with stealth timed immobilisation and GPS tracking systems.

Toad Alarm Products

RT Racing is delighted to be associated with Toad alarm products which allow us to provide the latest insurance approved cutting-edge technology to help protect your vehicle.

Save on Your Insurance

Save money off your car insurance with a Toad alarm system fitted by RT Racing.

Toad Security from RT Racing

When you have one of our Toad alarms installed you will receive a certificate of installation for insurance purposes. Please feel free to call us and speak to our Thatcham engineer direct regarding your alarm system

Auto Rewire Service

Unfortunately TVR electrical systems occasionally do go into melt down mode. In many cases we are able to repair your wiring loom, however we can undertake to fit our custom built updated wiring loom and fuse relay box.

Re-Loom Your Car

With many wiring looms which have deteriorated over the years, sometimes the best course of action is to strip out all the old unreliable loom and start afresh with a completely new one, built bespoke for your car using quality components throughout. We also offer a ‘lightweight’ loom design service for race cars too.

Speak to our Specialist

So if you are suffering frustrations with anything electrical, please feel free to call us on 0114 281 7507 and speak directly to our electrical specialist anytime.